Greenland halibut

Reinhardtius hippoglossoides — Greenland halibut  Flétan noir  Schwarzer Heilbutt

The fish / fishery:

Greenland halibut is an Arctic species that prefers cold waters . It lives at a depth from 200-2000 meters , but is rarely found shallower than 400 meters. Greenland halibut lives both at the bottom and in the pelagic layers . The spawning grounds are found mainly in the upper part of the continental shelf from Vesterålen to Bjørnøya / Bear Island. Fishing for Greenland halibut takes place along the edge of the shelf north of Prins Karls Forland . The most common fishing gear is bottom trawl , longlines and nets.

Nutritional information:

The fat content in Greenland halibut varies with season and the availability of feed so the amount of omega -3 fatty acids may therefore be variable . However, it is still a good source of these fatty acids and also of vitamin D.

Hopen’s production of Greenland halibut:

In recent years, the plant has received, produced and frozen significant amounts of Greenland halibut.

The Greenland halibut is headed and gutted in a certain way – either J–cut (Japanese cut) or N-cut (Norwegian cut) . It is graded according to size and then frozen in packaging according to customer's requirements and specifications. The heads and tails are also packed and frozen.


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